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Photo Collage of 8-Step Past and Present

Grandmaster Wei - See the late Grandmaster Wei, whether he is demonstrating a kung fu technique or simply out spending time with his students.

8-Step People Today - See the people who make up the 8-Step community today.


Little Cartwheel - Mr. Michael Wu, devoted student of Grandmaster Wei, demonstrates Little Cartwheel.

Mr. John Chang teaches 8 throws for 8 stances - Watch and learn as Mr. Chang demonstrates and explains the throwing applications associated with each of the 8 stances.
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Mr. Wu Er Li (Ernie) performs Zhai Yao Section 3 and Section 4 - Watch Mr. Wu's excellent demonstration of sections 3 and 4 of the 6-section Zhai Yao, the essence of 8-Step.

Mr. Zuo Xian Fu performs part of a broad sword form - See Mr. Zuo, one of today's most respected teachers of traditional 8-Step in Taiwan, perform the first part of a rare 8-Step broad sword form.

Mrs. Chienli Lo (Mrs. Wu) performs the Chun Yang Sword form (Part 1) (Part 2) - Watch Mrs. Wu, 1970's gold medalist in the Taiwanese Collegiate Cup, perform a rarely known and never-before-published 8-Step weapons form.

Mr. Wu Er Li (Ernie) performs Li Pi - See Li Pi performed by a very well respected student of Grandmaster Wei in this never-before-published video.

Mr. Zuo Xian Fu performs Li Pi - Take a lesson from a master. Watch and learn as Mr. Zuo, a highly respected student of Grandmaster Wei, performs Li Pi.

Mr. John Chang performs Li Pi - Observe as Mr. John Chang, well respected student of Grandmaster Wei, performs Li Pi.

Watch Mr. Wu Er Li, one of Grandmaster Wei's most accomplished students, perform Pai An with his student, H. C. Chang.

See H. C. Chang perform Section 1 and Section 2.

See Mr. Vincent Chen perform 2 mantis forms (video 1 and video 2).

See Mr. John Chang perform Section 1.

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