Martial Arts Exhibition 2008 in Houston

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The Martial Arts Exhibition 2008 in Houston brought a wide variety of martial artists together from April 4th through 6th. Among them, students of Grandmaster Wei who had not seen each other for decades came from all over the U.S. and Taiwan to pay their respects to Grandmaster Wei, tell stories about the old days, and share their kung fu with each other. On the first day of the event, the internationally acclaimed Dr. Su Yu-Chang gave an interesting and entertaining speech, followed by various people in Grandmaster Wei's lineage performing a variety of 8-Step forms for the public. The following morning, Dr. Su Yu-Chang led a workshop on Bagua's 8 Character Palm. Here are some photos from the event.

Grandmaster Wei is remembered fondly by all

Dr. Su Yu-Chang, Mr. Liu Min Der, and Mr. Vincent Chen (left to right) pay respect to Grandmaster Wei

Students of Grandmaster Wei paying respect
(Left to right: Mrs. Chienli Lo, Mr. Liu Min Der, Dr. Su Yu-Chang, Mr. Vincent Chen, Mr. Wu Er Li)

Dr. Su Yu-Chang (right) delivers the opening speech for the event while Mr. Liu Min Der (left) translates into English

Teachers from a variety of schools and martial arts disciplines receive plaques for participating in the event

The Wu family responsible for organizing the event each year
(Left to right: Clint Wu, Mr. Wu Er Li (Ernie), Mrs. Chienli Lo "Mrs. Wu")

Middle: Dr. Su Yu-Chang
Bottom left to right: Mrs. Liu, Mrs. Chienli Lo "Mrs. Wu," Mrs. Chen, Mrs. Lin
Top left to right: Messrs. Liu Min Der, Tony Puyot, Wu Er Li (Ernie), Chas. Cooper, Vincent Chen, H.C. Chang


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