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The 8-Step Kung Fu Family Tree

1st Generation (8-Step Creators)

Chiang Hua Long (Master of Plum Flower Praying Mantis)
Wang Zhong Qing (Master of Bagua)
Chen De Shan (Master of Hsing-Yi and Tong-Bei)

2nd Generation

Grandmaster Feng Huan-Yi

3rd Generation

Grandmaster Wei Hsiao Tang

4th Generation
(Note: This is not a complete list. If you are aware of any former students of Grandmaster Wei whom we have overlooked, please e-mail us at admin @ 8-step.com with the person's name and a list of other students of Grandmaster Wei who knew the person, so we may verify with other students that the person was in fact a student of Grandmaster Wei's.)

Mr. Lin Chun-Fu
Mr. Wang Chiu Xiong (1939-2006)
Mr. Su Yu Zhang
Mr. Vincent Chen
Mr. Zuo Xian Fu
Mr. Wu Er Li (Ernie)
Mrs. Chienli Lo
Mr. Wang Chieh
Mr. James Shyun
Mr. Liu Min Der
Mr. Wu Mei Jin (Mike)
Dr. Yuli Chang
Mr. Tsu-Te Tan (Bert)
Mr. Hidenobu (Kazumasa) Yokoyama
Mr. John Chang

5th Generation
(Note: This is not a complete list. If you are a student of one of Grandmaster Wei's students, please e-mail us at admin @ 8-step.com with your name and the name of your teacher, along with any other information that may help us verify your lineage.)

Mr. H. C. Chang (Mr. Wu Er Li's student)
Mr. Joseph Douglass (Mr. Wu Er Li's student)
Clint Wu (Mr. Wu Er Li's student and son)
Mr. David Griffith (Mr. Liu Min Der's student)
Mr. Roger Pulwarty (Mr. Liu Min Der's student)
Ms. Susan Iott (Mr. Liu Min Der's student)
Mr. Christopher McNeave (Mr. Liu Min Der's student)
Mr. Paul Lin (Mr. Lin Chun-Fu's son and student)
Mr. Louis Sacharske (Mr. Lin Chun-Fu's student)
Mr. Spencer Morris (Mr. Lin Chun-Fu's student)
Mr. Bruce Mazoch (Mr. Hidenobu Yokoyama's student)
Mr. Kenny King (Mr. John Chang's student)
Mr. Chas. Cooper (Mr. John Chang's student)

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